Hi , dear Every time I find it later to publish the post , but that did not stop for a second these days . Today’s post I titled “excited ” that ‘s how I feel these days preparing my trip to Italy. I am very busy preparing it all: looks , shoes, bags ,


Hello! people  How about a week?. I am having a very agitated days, doing a thousand things and preparing my next trip to Milan, and I will speak later.  Today’s post: ” My tee ” . The tee,  is a garment usually short sleeves, round neck, no pockets and no buttons. From the fifties are


Hello! people  For a morning skating club, I chose this casual look. I wear:  What is the answer Tshirt , Mosaique foulard , Swamp  boots,  V 73 bag, G-Sevenstars  sunglasses , Iocean Iphone cover and Sodini Bracelet. Hope you like it.  kisses   follow me on: Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, Sbaam, Facebook, STYLIGHT TEE:  What is the answer BOOTS:  Swamp SUNGLASSES: G-Sevenstars FOULARD: Mosaique IPHONE COVER: IOcean