Hello,  friends! Today I published some photos that I had saved and of which I only published one in Instagram. A look at the purest British punk. Sometimes I like to try new styles, do you think? Hola, amigos! Hoy publico unas fotos que tenía guardadas y de las cuales solo publiqué una en Instagram.


Hello friends Today I chose a very autumnal look. With a basics of my wardrobe like burgundy jersey and tartan pants.  With two new entries in my closet: my new leopard shoes Lace up Heels by Sante,  I think they bring to any look very touch of chic and my new handbag  Beonica Lea by kipling

TARTAN AND CAMO mix them up

Hello, Friends The look of today I wanted to experiment a bit with the mixture of two patterns: camouflage and tartan, what do you think? To me, I like the result, I hope to you too. Camouflage pants are Fusion by RV. The necklace and candy arms are Carolinas Menbur Booties G-SEVENSTARS Sunglasses  IPhone cover Colorswitch Well, it