Hello guys! In Spain, we are still in quarantine. Everything begins to get a little heavy, especially the limitation of the rights that the Spanish Constitution grants us. Hoping to get out of this Alarm State soon, I send a thousand kisses to all of you and protect yourself a lot, always with a mask,


Hello,  friends These images, as you can see, belong to the last day I went out into the street, before the quarantine. Many of you have written to me on my social networks, from different countries, you wonder how I am. My whole family is fine, thank God but we are very concerned about everyone


Today I titled the post “time” as the song by Julio Iglesias, singer I love. These pictures belong to a time as he waited for someone and I drank a coffee, pure relaxation… Wear Shirt “Pink Valentine” (black 100% cotton jersey. The fabric is tested for harmful substances) by SJF COMPANY. I hope to convey


On my first day in Milan, I had the pleasure of being invited by Lobra designer Louise Bramstedt. She invited me to meet his collection, he I was delighted and I am an fan of their shoes.  I think, with such special shoes transform the simplest of looks into something very cool.  Lobra make shoes


Hello, Friends  This is another of my looks during last Milan Fashion Week.  Some shots taken quickly by Manuela Bucci in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. I’m wearing a Blumarine dress by The Clutcher, Stellina Fabri necklace, Italia Independent sunglasses and Mascia Mandolesi sandals.   Greet my dear friend and Italian blogger Angela Pavese ( I`mperfect I )  kisses