Hello, guys! It seems that after a long Alarm State, we can lead a normal life, called a new normal: social distance, mask and hand washing. Protection against the Covid-19, begins with oneself and we have to be very serious and rigorous about it to avoid worse evils. To celebrate the new normal, I am


Hello guys! In Spain, we are still in quarantine. Everything begins to get a little heavy, especially the limitation of the rights that the Spanish Constitution grants us. Hoping to get out of this Alarm State soon, I send a thousand kisses to all of you and protect yourself a lot, always with a mask,


Hello,  friends These images, as you can see, belong to the last day I went out into the street, before the quarantine. Many of you have written to me on my social networks, from different countries, you wonder how I am. My whole family is fine, thank God but we are very concerned about everyone


Today I titled the post “time” as the song by Julio Iglesias, singer I love. These pictures belong to a time as he waited for someone and I drank a coffee, pure relaxation… Wear Shirt “Pink Valentine” (black 100% cotton jersey. The fabric is tested for harmful substances) by SJF COMPANY. I hope to convey


On my first day in Milan, I had the pleasure of being invited by Lobra designer Louise Bramstedt. She invited me to meet his collection, he I was delighted and I am an fan of their shoes.  I think, with such special shoes transform the simplest of looks into something very cool.  Lobra make shoes