This season, the madness for the headband is unleashed. Fashion comes from Italy, Prada was the first to launch this type of headband (cerchietto bombatto), it is not the traditional diadem, it comes updated, higher and bigger. As a fashionista and lover of Italian fashion, here you have me with my massi cerchietto bombatto, personalized


Hi guys Here again, with a very urban and versatile look,  jogger pants, t-shirt with text and this fur vest so ideal (I love this design that does not enlarge your figure) complete the look with another trend this season, that if only suitable for the most daring: sock and sandal. Do you dare? A


A limited collection of 161 units inspired by the Aurea ratio. The ONESIXONE brand was created with the aim of becoming a niche brand of handbags worldwide, internationally positioned in the luxury sector through a unique, exclusive and personalized limited collection. Handmade collections, numbered and personalized units. The base bag created by Adrián Salvador and


Day very moved and without any time for me, as always … I did not think much about the look: jeans Mom, shirt with corset in vichy  and as a strong point this bomber so special. Their sleeves with satin ribbons come out a bit of the usual. These details usually like me a lot,


There are days in winter that we like to wear with more cheerful colors. Is the case of this skirt and shirt set  by Traffic People, although the winter collection serves perfectly also with spring views. In this case, I did not know very well what pantys to wear, I decide for black pantys with


Some dresses seem to me a little short , I find a good choice a short under her dress. Unbuttoning some the buttons can display your short walking. It seems to me that much more chic to walk with short around the city. What do you think? I’m taking Storets dress in sky blue with a


This is the dress I chose to attend the ASM Magazine Party. In an unbeatable location, in the heart of the Alhambra in Alhambra Palace Hotel. I´m  wearing  a Nha Khanh evening dress available for rental at  Front Row Tribe . So you can also wear dresses top international designers without spending much money. I recommend it to


I love the flared trousers and these Gipsy Flared Trousers of  Opposés Complementaires, Italian brand are great. With a very particular design, giving a special touch to the look. a pair of jeans that can also be used in even more formal or cocktail looks. If I think of spring I comes to mind:  red,


I think my style is characterized by the simplicity of my looks but with very special details that I like to spoil. That’s how I am. Flared trousers and a simple jersey but always with high heels, adds some special complement that makes you different and be ready to start the day. WATCH: Triwaworld CLUTCH: