Today a look very colorful and at the same time flattering. Although the day was not very good and my hair did not stop flying, we managed to take these photos. Body, high waist trousers in strawberry color and my jewel sandals by Jessica Buurman  ( Bonita sandals) . These details are what change the look. I


After so many holidays I’m a little bit saturated. Air is the word I need and expresses what I feel. Sometimes you can not do more with everything you have behind your back but you have to reflect a little, catch the air and keep going even stronger. Always fighting and with the smile on


You know that I love to play sports but lately I hardly have time and when I can fully enjoy it. Sport apart from improving our fitness makes us more cheerful. I wear for my training sportswear by Naffta. A line that highlights the female figure providing essential comfort and safety for training in the


The best way to start the week is playing sport. For me the sport is very important for the body and mind. At least spend an hour away from it all and especially release tension, very important in this busy life. I choose the O2  Wellness Neptuno Center and  Naffta sportswear. Now you using this H7NNZPNX  code have


Hi Today,  I have little to say about this look. A basic look: Salsa jeans and sweater, and as always with the special touch of accessories. Do you like it? Kisses Conchy Follow me on: My blog in  CC fashion by Conchy Copé   Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, Sbaam, Facebook, STYLIGHT  SCARF: Batticuore blu, CC by Conchy Copé Enjoying my new Serun Biotherm