Hello, friends Here time still gives us very summery hot days. Today I wanted to take advantage of the fantastic day and decided to wear my Manebí espadrilles. Starting from the basis of the traditional Spanish espadrilles, Manebí Creates a sophisticated collection, inspired by the classic moccasin, and suitable for every occasion. The espadrilles by


Hi, dear Friends. The blue color is now considered as the new black.  My today look is a total look blue with gold accents in the accessories. I really wanted to try it and liked the result to me.  For this look I used my Xti booties, though high, very comfortable.  Those who follow me


Hello, friends Happy Friday everyone, I wish you a good weekend. Mess is like I am right now, ahahah with a good mess in the head … So I decided to call this look, a mess of prints. Lately I feel a little bored with the clothes and I want to mix and try some


Hello, friends Today was one of those days that you feel like passing unnoticed and I needed a look at all complicated and very comfortable (in these cases and since the day did not help much, it was a gray day threatening rain). A rocker look, comfortable, never fails ( in five minutes). The key


Hello, friends I’m back here, I spent a few days in Milan unforgettable. Italy to me spellbound and I can no longer do without her. Everyone very affectionate and charming with me, I miss them. I was at the Milan fashion week, which I’ll do a post soon. The look of today: I felt like


The damero print came from the hand of Marc Jacobs with his collection for Louis Vuitton. Dresses, jackets, shorts, pants … with squares of all sizes and new colors, not just black and white. This trend immediately captivated me, I found it unique and original, it came out a little of the typical print. During