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Hope you’re all having a happy summer.
I have not had this long summer vacation, only short breaks, tried to enjoy to the fullest.
In life you have to learn to adapt to the changes and in my life there have been many lately.
For a maritime journey I chose this look: blue like the sea for my dress, flat shoes by Prosperine, a trend that comes very strong this season, with very sharp tip and pink metallic color and two typical summer accessories: Straw basket by Twenty Violets and hat by Montegallo.
For many years now I did not take the sun on your face and of course always sunscreen.
Do you like?
Hopefully if
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FLAT SHOES: Prosperine
SUNGLASSES: Rayban by Sunglasses Shop

HAT: Montegallo

STRAW BASKET: Twenty Violets

PHOTOGRAPHER: Anne-Laure Kesterman
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  1. So sexy, like your sunglasses.

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