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Hello, friends
Today’s post I called “love at first sight” that is just what I felt when I saw my V 73 bag  for the first time. Do you at this ever happened? to me, yes.
I love my V 73 bag,  goes well with my style SUV: If you spend the day away from home, gym, etc, you can put in everything and that women are very interested …
The outfit today, is based on my bag, almost always think of my looks depending on the bag that I will use. 
A dress very wearable and comfortable, with a very on trend right now and gold glitter shoes.
Do you like this? I hope so.
Kisses and see you soon.

V 73 bag 

Photos: Virginia Roldan 


  1. Hola Conchy, soy Miguel y me encanta ese bolso

    1. Hola, Miguel
      Yo tambien tuve, amor a primera vista con el bolso, ahahaha

  2. Me puedes decir de donde es el vestido porfa

    1. Hola! Anonymous
      El vestido es de Zara

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