Good morning, friends Happy weekend to all. My today outfit is composed houndstooth pants, one of the trends this winter combined with a crude top and black leather jacket with lace in the back. One of the color trend this season is the pale pink and I love, so I decided to give the look


Hello, friends Happy Friday everyone, I wish you a good weekend. Mess is like I am right now, ahahah with a good mess in the head … So I decided to call this look, a mess of prints. Lately I feel a little bored with the clothes and I want to mix and try some


Hello, friends Today was one of those days that you feel like passing unnoticed and I needed a look at all complicated and very comfortable (in these cases and since the day did not help much, it was a gray day threatening rain). A rocker look, comfortable, never fails ( in five minutes). The key


The damero print came from the hand of Marc Jacobs with his collection for Louis Vuitton. Dresses, jackets, shorts, pants … with squares of all sizes and new colors, not just black and white. This trend immediately captivated me, I found it unique and original, it came out a little of the typical print. During


The canotier was created in 1880. It was typical of the gondoliers of Venice, who loved to decorate with a long ribbon (nastro doppio), to distinguish it from the naval officers. It is also a symbol of the college of Oxford. In the late nineteenth century, the hat became fashionable in France, for the exaltation