Once at home and having rested a little is time to publish the photos of my Milan Fashion Week. They have been very intense and special days for me as always. This was my look to attend Les Copains Fall Winter 2017 Fashion Show in Via M. Melloni, 9, Milan. I wear Missoni Dress for


The fashion of Ukrainian shirts and dresses is more and more imposed  and it is that everything or different and handmade attracts much and is highly valued. I find this shirt by FOBERINI  very flattering and attractive because of the shape of its sleeves and its embroidery so spectacular. Combined with jeans to give it


This is the famous look of the Airport (Malaga / Milan) that much like in Instagram. I’m wearing a mix of prints that coordinate in my opinion very well together. Animal prints, vichy and jungle print in my bag I love them, this season will see a lot on clothes. I’m wearing  Flamenco  Collection Jewels by Athena


Hello, friends  Excuse me for the delay, but these days I’ve been busy. Now I’m blogger, the Spanish magazine. These days I have prepared my new blog at I hope your visits CC fashion by Conchy Copé The look of today: the classic skinny jeans with a lace top, basic pieces in any


Hi, guys The look of today is sweet, sweet as a capcukes. Pastel colors seem very flattering when we are still not very bronzed. My look: cool number tee and skinny jeans . Wear QUID necklace , Visible model. Jewelry to shape your personal style with the use of numbers and letters represent the most


Hello, Friends  Today I decided out of the closet one of those skirts that all have forgotten, right?  With a tee by Fusion by RV and denim jacket, I think it is more casual. My accessories are: Luca Barra Necklace, Fabira bracelet, FlowerApp watch and Second Base iphone cover ( Ichanel classic ).  Look Simple


Hi, Friends  After Milan and with a touch of the flu … return.  Today I wanted to experiment with different shades of blue and a pencil skirt. While it is fashion is not the kind of skirt that I like for me. In fashion is necessary to choose what best suits us. what do you


Hello! people Happy HALLOWEEN night!! Let us focus on the outfit today. It consists of three key parts: My t-shirt with message “Pray for Fashion” by Monsieur Steve, with this shirt I wanted to make a slightly rocker look but also a little Chanel style, combined with a short black leather that give an air rock