After so many holidays I’m a little bit saturated. Air is the word I need and expresses what I feel. Sometimes you can not do more with everything you have behind your back but you have to reflect a little, catch the air and keep going even stronger. Always fighting and with the smile on


The culotte trend does not abandon us this season, in all its versions; leather, jeans, velvet, etc. I until now I have resisted a little. If I have to be honest it is a pants that does not attract me much. It requires high heels and open to not shorten more leg . This is


For a summer storm day, this is my look: printed pants and a white shirt. Detail of accessories in neutral tones to give prominence only to the pants. I´m wearing: Giorgia & Johns  pants, Franco Pugi bag, Lyche sunglasses (You can use my discount code CC in your shopping ) and  Marea watch. Thank you for visiting