Happy New Year, friends!! One of these days I was visiting the showroon  from my friend Ana Aguilar ( Tocados Ana Aguilar) I chose a very typical Christmas colors for my look: red and black Wearing: My new foulard Te miro, available in two sizes: 90 x 90 cm and 45 x 45 cm. My


Hello, friends Be inspirational for someone is very flattering. This is the story that have made about me and my scarves. I leave it in its original language, that I love. The photos are taken in the Hospes Palacio de Los Patos, in the center of Granada. Wearing my Foulard Animal Print with Pink Lips, Limited


Hello, friends How to pass your holidays? I, as you know I’m spending a few days on the beach, looking for a little bit of relax to charge batteries. My look: a simple jean shorts and eternal white shirt , it never fails. One of my rules is the way we dress: If I wear


Hello, Friends Today a look without heels shoes, surprised? My sneakers by Diadora are worth it. My look is simple, with gold as the protagonist. I’ve taken a bit of luxury with the denim shirt, so the look can be used very well to day. The golden color will be a trend of next winter