During the winter there are also almost spring days like this that invite to wear this wonderful long dress of vaporous gauze by Cocoaspain. Years ago for me was unthinkable to wear such a long dress but now I like them very much. I find this type of dress much more current and refined than


In the Presentation of the  Spring Summer 2015 New Collection Roberto Verino  With Taranteologie  The look that I chose, in the model DRESS: Cristiano Burani NECKLACE: Stellina fabbri SANDALS: Mascia Mandolesi JACKET: Zara CLUTCH: Uterque PHOTOS: Jenaro Espinosa


Hello, friends  Today I wanted to do a look with this color, for some the green this season. I mixed pieces I had in my closet with gold.  As more special touches my jewelry: Athena Gioielli, Tribal Gold necklace and Luxury Fashion, Ring Limited Side. Do you like this color green?  kisses  Conchy Follow me on:


Hello, friends Another of my looks during Milan Fashion Week, to attend the Massimo Rebecchi Fashion Show  at 9 am. Wearing:  Select a total look in pink Mantù dress, Lobra sandals, Pomikaki clutch, Spektre sunglasses. kisses Conchy Follow me on: My blog in Hola.com  CC fashion by Conchy Copé   Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, Sbaam, Facebook, STYLIGHT DRESS: Mantù SANDALS: Lobra CUTCH: Pomikaki


Hello, friends Be inspirational for someone is very flattering. This is the story that have made about me and my scarves. I leave it in its original language, that I love. The photos are taken in the Hospes Palacio de Los Patos, in the center of Granada. Wearing my Foulard Animal Print with Pink Lips, Limited


Hello, friends Today a look in green, I like playing with the same color. Today I’m wearing my new Rabito bling bling gold iphone cover by Tribe , I’ve always been a fan. I leave you with the photos kisses Follow me on:My blog in Hola.com  CC fashion by Conchy Copé   Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, Sbaam, Facebook, STYLIGHT COLLAR: Stellina Fabbri SUNGLASSES:


Hello, friends Come to mind memories with nostalgia. From teenage remember to my mother  in the month of August with fashion magazines interested in knowing il trend of the next season. That curiosity always comes over me and is the fun of fashion, makes you change to not get bored. I think now my mother