Hello,  friends. In this month of August I will dedicate to publish all the looks already published in instagram. For lack of time I have not been able to publish them in the blog. I hope you like it. Kisses and happy holidays for those lucky enough to rest. Hola, amigos. En este mes de


Today I show the infinite possibilities that have a swimsuit. The swimsuit takes its protagonism this season. After years forgotten, it takes on a great boom with its infinite possibilities. Show a lot, not fashion. To insinuate is always more elegant and attractive. Thongs, topless, etc, GOODBYE! These swimsuits are so pretty that you can


The fashion of Ukrainian shirts and dresses is more and more imposed  and it is that everything or different and handmade attracts much and is highly valued. I find this shirt by FOBERINI  very flattering and attractive because of the shape of its sleeves and its embroidery so spectacular. Combined with jeans to give it


This season can not find my ideal measure on dresses. I see some dresses very long and other very short. This in particular I had it shorten to put it to my liking. A difficult task this. I’m wearing gladiator sandals by Sante that provide a different touch and make the look more special. Alternately


Hello, friends  Today few words in my post. Natural is me in my dress and my personality, I do not like artifices.  Often very natural look choose not to call attention,so I can make me feel very relaxed. Today I prepare the suitcase to travel to Milan tomorrow. I’ll be there to attend the Milan


Hello, Friends Lately I’m a little busy but very happy. Shortly present my brand CC by Conchy Copé and I debuted as a designer. I think at the end of the week I can show you the first pictures and I hope your opinion. Stay tuned! The today´s look is basic and comfortable with my


Hello, friends  Excuse me for the delay, but these days I’ve been busy. Now I’m blogger, the Spanish magazine. These days I have prepared my new blog at I hope your visits CC fashion by Conchy Copé The look of today: the classic skinny jeans with a lace top, basic pieces in any


Good morning, friends Happy weekend to all. My today outfit is composed houndstooth pants, one of the trends this winter combined with a crude top and black leather jacket with lace in the back. One of the color trend this season is the pale pink and I love, so I decided to give the look