Hi guys! I never thought I would wear a long skirt, in fact, I never remember my mother with this type of length. Never say never… Being passionate about fashionmeans to want to experiment with trends and leave the confor zone, does it happen to you too? This is what I enjoy the most, I


Hello friends What you think my look today? …  Come on at the workshop of mechanics. Wearing: Carinabag by Braccialini. Many kisses Conchy Follow me on: My blog in Hola.com  CC fashion by Conchy Copé   Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, Sbaam, Facebook, STYLIGHT   BAG: Braccialini SHOES: Pilar Burgos BRACELET: Al e Ro design SUNGLASSES: Spektre POCKET SQUARE: “Batticuore blu” CC by Conchy Copé


Hello friends Looking forward change. I leave you with a refreshing look, light colors while I prepare my trip to Italy, Florence waiting for me and I’m very happy. kisses Conchy Follow me on:My blog in Hola.com  CC fashion by Conchy Copé  Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, Sbaam, Facebook, STYLIGHT BAG: Pomikaki ( Grafic Art! Bauletto Bella ) WATCH: 1Face BOOTIES: Tata Italia NECKLACE:


Hello, Friends  Today I decided out of the closet one of those skirts that all have forgotten, right?  With a tee by Fusion by RV and denim jacket, I think it is more casual. My accessories are: Luca Barra Necklace, Fabira bracelet, FlowerApp watch and Second Base iphone cover ( Ichanel classic ).  Look Simple


Hi, Friends  Destroyed look ,the denim jacket and Melacerba dress both holes , To test some jewelry as my silver  Bracelet,  Collection Matilde by Athena Gioielli , since I saw the first day and I love… A jewel Athena tells a Unique story of twists made of silver, of light and shade reflections. Try to wear


Hello, Friends  Next week I travel to Milan to attend  Milan Fashion Week.  Like every time I travel to Italy, I am very excited to be thinking how intense these days and also thinking about Italian food that I like.  These are some of my looks these days.  Do you like?  kisses  Follow me on: Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, Sbaam, Facebook, STYLIGHT


Hello! people  For a morning skating club, I chose this casual look. I wear:  What is the answer Tshirt , Mosaique foulard , Swamp  boots,  V 73 bag, G-Sevenstars  sunglasses , Iocean Iphone cover and Sodini Bracelet. Hope you like it.  kisses   follow me on: Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, Sbaam, Facebook, STYLIGHT TEE:  What is the answer BOOTS:  Swamp SUNGLASSES: G-Sevenstars FOULARD: Mosaique IPHONE COVER: IOcean


Hi, Friends Today’s post is dedicated to pink. A color I always really liked, it must be to be girl. This year’s trend I take advantage. I leave you with some looks. Hope you like. kisses     follow me on: Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, Sbaam, Facebook, STYLIGHT Me on PINK DAY WITH MY Vº73 BAG  http://www.ccfashion.es/2013/04/pink-day-with-my-v73-bag.html Me on A HEADDRESS IN