One more year at this time, the stripes are trend in spring. A very versatile and fresh print that we all feel like when the sun rises. I in this look I have interpreted the stripes my way, with a little mixture. These so ideal pants are from the Colombian designer Ana Arango Design. I


There are days in winter that we like to wear with more cheerful colors. Is the case of this skirt and shirt set  by Traffic People, although the winter collection serves perfectly also with spring views. In this case, I did not know very well what pantys to wear, I decide for black pantys with


One of the trends this season is the midi skirt folds. Although the long-midi is not in my opinion one of the most favored. However I enjoy trying out new trends and adapt to my style. For me, fashion is also a bit of fun, always in order and keeping me true to my style.


This is the famous look of the Airport (Malaga / Milan) that much like in Instagram. I’m wearing a mix of prints that coordinate in my opinion very well together. Animal prints, vichy and jungle print in my bag I love them, this season will see a lot on clothes. I’m wearing  Flamenco  Collection Jewels by Athena


The culotte trend does not abandon us this season, in all its versions; leather, jeans, velvet, etc. I until now I have resisted a little. If I have to be honest it is a pants that does not attract me much. It requires high heels and open to not shorten more leg . This is


This is the look I chose to attend the Krizia Summer 2017  Womenswere Show in Via Manin, 21, during  Milan Fashion Week. These photos were taken by the Piazza del Duomo in Milan and the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The latest pictures at the entrance to the Fashion Show taken by Stefano Tinti  very


Fashion is cyclical and overalls have always liked. My mother always said: Fashion returns but always changing something so that you can not use the back has saved clothes. In this case I chose a monkey working in military green with gold accessories. Ideal for this time of change of season. Kisses La moda es