Hello, dear One more day with my new look … As you know I love the pastel colors and today have mixed. What do you think? I wanted to experience the trend sweatshirt and skirt. This trend will continue also next winter. Do not forget to. Wear: Siempre Nueva weatshirt ; Stellina Fabri necklace, ”


Hello, Friends Today I want to talk about Estrosa and the new line of semi-permanent enamels made ​​in italy. A collection of 80 extra-bright colors to get the perfect nails and always glamorous. Easy and quick to apply thanks to the smooth and soft texture. The enamels Estrosa last three weeks. The practical Estrosa Kit


Hello, friends Here time still gives us very summery hot days. Today I wanted to take advantage of the fantastic day and decided to wear my Manebí espadrilles. Starting from the basis of the traditional Spanish espadrilles, Manebí Creates a sophisticated collection, inspired by the classic moccasin, and suitable for every occasion. The espadrilles by