Hello friends  Merry Christmas! To attend the presentation of the Collection of Shoes Karolina Fresneda I chose a tailored suit animal print by Seventy, black sandals by Mascia Mandolesi and my new CC bag.  As you know already, I am designing bags,  you can acquire through my email This CC bag I am presenting


Hello friends One trend this winter is metallic. I adapt this trend for the day with a short overalls in silver and black by Luxury Fashion, black high boots by Pilar Burgos and my new handbag Victoria metallic grab in blue and silver by Marla London. To soften I used a mini gray cloth coat.


Hello friends Today I present one of the bags that I have designed. This bag I’ve designed for Sofia Luzón. Sofia Luzón is in Granada, in the city center ( C/Angel Ganivet). Here you can find mainly shoes and handbags for men and women. This idea I had for some time in my head. I


Hello, Friends Today a look without heels shoes, surprised? My sneakers by Diadora are worth it. My look is simple, with gold as the protagonist. I’ve taken a bit of luxury with the denim shirt, so the look can be used very well to day. The golden color will be a trend of next winter


Hello, Friends Now for a stroll through the city I chose a cool and comfortable look. Pink short and denim shirt. This kind of look  make me feel comfortable and fashion. I leave you with the photos kisses Conchy Follow me on:My blog in  CC fashion by Conchy Copé   Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, Sbaam, Facebook, STYLIGHT BAG: Camomilla Milano NECKLACE: Armário


Hello, Friends For today I chose a black leather skirt that was long relegated to in my closet,  leather is the new trend in summer, together with a cardigan flowers by Seventy. A very special sandals ERATO, muse of erotic poetry by Eros Afrodite and my new Amelie bag by Rêve Eros Afrodite:  is a small


Hello, friends  The today´s outfit is very casual and a fun splash of color.  Wear: Dean Juster jeans model ” Michelangelo – Diego” and Dai, che fa? t-shirt.  As complements: Stellina Fabbri necklace, model ” Bella gold “, love this type of necklace. Today I needed to do some shopping and I used two bags


Hello, Friends  One of my passions are handbags. Today I wanted to show you some of my favorites. I consider that a good bag is very important in a woman, for me with with shoes is the center of any look.  What do you think?  kisses     Follow me on: Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, Sbaam, Facebook, STYLIGHT


Hello, Friends  Today I had fun with my new Jump From Paper bag ( Carly Sweetie, Red ). Everyone wonders if it’s real. Yes, my bag is real. I identify with this brand as fun, as I have already mentioned other times, fashion is also fun for me.  Wear Giorgia & Johns dress and Stellina