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Variazioni, is a project of Simona La Torre.

The brand aims to merge two seemingly opposing thrusts, the rigor and the infinite possibilities of new ideas that are aesthetic space through a special, a cut, a detail that should characterize the chiefs.
The guideline are essential to an imaginary aesthetic, against a romantic, inspired by the architecture, the frescoes, the atmosphere of Sicily in its Art Nouveau period ..
In this way establishes a “dialogue” between the rigor of the construction of lines and volumes, and the formal suggestions expressed by the attention to detail.
The simplicity of the shapes, cuts and details you choose minimalist represent Variazioni.

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 ASTREA necklace by Divina Locura

OUTFIT: Variazioni

NECKLACE: Divina Locura

SHOES: Lobra


  1. Come ti stanno bene questi pantaloni a vita alta 🙂 Bella!!!

  2. The outfit really accentuate your best feature, it fits you well.

    1. Ciao!, sono belli, vero?
      Bacioni, cara

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