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Hello, Friends

For today I chose a black leather skirt that was long relegated to in my closet,  leather is the new trend in summer, together with a cardigan flowers by Seventy.

A very special sandals ERATO, muse of erotic poetry by Eros Afrodite and my new Amelie bag by Rêve

Eros Afrodite is a small brand with a big dream. Born from the desire to make every day with love and passion shoes to wear with a spirit unique only because they are the shoes that you are presenting . Not only in an abstract sense : really unique ! In what way? The philosophy that we follow is that of NOT REPEAT ‘ . None of the models that are in the world may be duplicated , this means that no woman , with the same number of shoes , you can have the same pattern. And in the end none of us is repeatable : ALL ARE unique and inimitable . What pushed us in this direction risky and counter ? The desire to prove that the Made in Italy still exists and manifests itself in the paradoxical and absurd inventions of genius . In the age of the infinitely copied , the cheap imitations , the unfortunate descent of the imagination, we spicchiamo the flight to new horizons, try clean air , linger among the possible avenues , roads with little jokes that lead to breathtaking scenery. We have gone since Olympus, we asked for help to the gods borrowing names that represent our “creatures” . The brand name identifies the Love that the components of this project put in creating each collection. All products follow a process of creation that wants to bring to light something exceptional, unexpected, precious. The model names are the embodiment of supernatural powers, express the character of these great characters. Are diverse and multifaceted . Nourish the feminine soul touchy, sensitive and changeable. Let your feet lead by the discovery of an enchanted world from which you can not get out.

My Amelie bag by Rève

 Rêve is charming, sophisticated style, Rêve is timeless class. How timeless are the dreams. 
All accessories are signed Rêve Made in Italy and are born in laboratories where the attention and care are crucial for processing .
Each accessory Rêve is a jewel in itself, a unique piece made entirely by hand. Each piece bears the unmistakable signature of craftsmanship that adds value to these little treasures. 
Rêve is looking for shapes, colors and materials, sophisticated and innovative, always with an eye all’elengaza and style of Italian fashion.

 My new sunglasses PANTOS VA7, black and red tartan by Incredible
 My bracelets by Poni e Go

My ring by Nove 25, Round Arnor-Corundum cabochon model

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BAG: Rêve

SANDALS:  Eros Afrodite


SUNGLASSES: Incredible


WATCH:  Renè Mouris

RING:  nove 25


COLLAR: Lady of the rings


  1. You are so pretty! Love this look! 🙂

    ❤ ✿ MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  2. Perfetta! Stai benissimo!!!
    Scarpe meravigliose 😉

  3. stupenda tesoro, il cardigan e i sandali sono favolosi!

  4. Estoy totalmente enamorado de tus tacones bastante.

    1. Gracias, son muy bonitos, verdad? ahern

  5. Flowers are on you and you just like flowers.

    1. Thanks so much, barone

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