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Raincoat is called an outer garment used to shelter from the rain. 
Gabardine fabric was invented by the British Thomas Burberry in 1880. The trench began using Garibaldi’s troops in 1861, were also used by the British soldiers during the First World War. Hollywood actors became fashionable during the 30’s and 40 papers gangsters and tough guys. Later, it became popular for the rest of the population ending up being used by both men and women. 
Today, it remains a raincoat waterproof but has now become a part subject to the designs of fashion including many models and designs. 
The trench coat has not traditionally been a warm garment so it has been used in months halftime.
For me, Burberry models are the best and every year they surprise us with new models. 
I leave you with some inspiring images, while I make my next raincoat look 😉 

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  1. Adoro il trench, lo considero un capo must have, sopratutto nella sua versione piu "tradizionale"
    Un bacio tesoro, scusa il ritardo.


  2. Ciao cara io ne vorrei uno di burberry 😀 ahahaha mi consolo con poco 😀 bacini

    Elizabeth Bailey BLOG

    1. Anche io, mi piaciono di piú 🙂

  3. Amo i trench!

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  4. Non ne ho mai avuto uno, ahahah, non so se me lo vedrei indosso 🙂

    1. Come mai???
      Io, invece ogni staggione prendevo uno ahahah 🙂

  5. you also gave me inspiration, I am in love with your blog.

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