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Hello, friends
First of all, forgive me for the lateness post, but I’ve been very busy and very happy for so many wonderful things are happening to me that I’ll tell you.
Today was a cold morning and I finally decided to wear my leopard coat, which I love from the first moment I saw him. The brand Seventy- 1970, whom I had the honor to visit on my voyage to Milan Fashion week and that I speak to you more detail in my next post. Begins this year to expand
  also in Spain, in exclusive boutiques and  El Corte ingles. 
The look, is the undisputed star my animal print coat, combined with black leather leggings.
 My glasses by 4me model back to 60´s vintage, blue mirror . 4me idea of ​​creating a new brand for the production of sunglasses and classic look with a timeless design.
The innovative idea is to combine these features with innovative materials and trendy colors, reinterpreting the classic elements of design.
The result is a young and fun glasses that will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers and whimsical. L ‘eyewear is 100% made in Italy.

 And my bracelets by Nadie S. Cross, ironic and creative. This is Nadine S, an expression of modern trends for women today. Bracelets 3 glass
 one with yellow satin gold plating, emerald green  glass color and other plating rose gold with purple satin glass.
I love this type of jewelry SUV, sweet and delicate, yet you can use them in your everyday looks.
Well, I hope you like the look as much as me.
See you soon

PRINT ANIMAL COAT:  Seventy – 1970



PHOTOGRAPHER: Virginia Roldán


  1. precioso el abrigo y los leggings!! 🙂



    1. Muchas gracias, Patricia

  2. Questo look è favoloso. Anche il leopardato che è difficile da indossare perchè può risultare volgare, su di te è perfetto. Complimenti. Adoro la tua borsa.

    1. Grazie mile, mi fa piacere che mi dici questo. E vero, il print animal é molto dificile, tutto non é bello e bisogna stare atenti, sempre con looks molto semplici per non ricaricare. Il capoto é di Seventy, marchio italiano e fa la diferenza. Adoro la italia 🙂
      Bacioni, cara

  3. Questo post è molto bello!!! Adoriamo l'intero outfit, ma in modo speciale il coat! 🙂
    Le Liliesine
    Bordeaux and… 🙂
    New Post.

    1. Grazie mile 🙂
      Andró da voi

  4. Stai benissimo! Quella giacca animalier è favolosa ne sto cercando anch'io una simile 😉


    1. Grazie mile, sai che la trovi in italia a Seventy

  5. Mi piace davvero tanto l'intero outfit….complimenti!!!
    kiss kiss

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